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As Founder and CEO of Dynamic Recruiting Solutions, Doug Frailey brings 15 years of staffing and recruiting, with a combined total of 35 years of overall business experience. He's adept at finding highly skilled, technical and hard-to-find professionals who fit the corporate culture of his clients. Doug understands the art of searching for candidates who are the "right fit," ultimately resulting in a win for the company and the candidate.

Doug has a diverse business background and experience working in healthcare, agriculture, information technology and research and development. He has worked for and with startup companies, industry leaders and multi-national corporations. He understands what it takes to grow and sustain a business.

With a mix of generations working in business today, Doug has seen first hand the challenges of finding the right talent. He says, "Recruiting is one of the most important cross-functional processes a company must undertake," adding, "because your people are your most important asset, mistakes in hiring can be very costly."

Doug has directly recruited and staffed for highly-skilled professions, including scientists, engineers, IT and medical professionals. He's even designed recruiting systems for start-up companies. In one instance, through Doug's efforts, retention was four times higher than the industry standard. Doug achieved this through creative sourcing, interviews and planned analytics.

He uses critical insight and "out-of-the-box" thinking to find the right solutions to fill companies' needs. Doug takes the big picture into consideration before tackling a problem.

For more information, contact us at (317) 504-4042 or email at info@DynamicRecruitingSolutions.com.

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